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In Decision

Current Status: Festival Run –

Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Grand Rapids, New York City, San Jose, Seattle 

Awards: Honorable Mention (Up and coming Director) 

Release Date: TBD

Plot Summary: Ashton, a fresh high school graduate, is an extreme over-thinker. But, he knows that his mindset is holding him back from experiencing life to the fullest – especially when it comes to his crush, Evelyn. He wants to spend time with her, but his constant indecision restricts him from her adventurous ideas. With summer coming to an end, and the two moving away to college, Ashton must take a leap into the unknown.

Written, Directed, Produced: Isaac Schultz

Starring: Sam Patton, Ava Marilyn, Nadyne Parr

Genre: Drama

Type: Short - 15 minutes

Production Company: Insomnia Films LLC

Director of Photography: Isaac Schultz

Camera Operators: Esteban Clarke-Braendle Rose, Haiden Williams

Gaffer: Haiden Williams

Audio: Miguel Hernandez, Gordon Switzer

Music: Sam Ivory, Evan Poff, Musicbed LLC

Story: Isaac Schultz and Sam Patton

Budget: $3,000 USD

Behind the Scenes


Shot and Edited by Miguel Hernandez


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