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Without knowing any of the faculty, you were able to select the key parts that so clearly represented each person. The variety of the content, the light background music, and the technical quality were excellent.  As I was leaving the event, several people stopped me to tell me how much they enjoyed the video.

You personalized the experience and added a lot of authenticity to the piece. I could sense your deep reverence for your subject matter and it felt like a beautiful invitation. Truly stunning...


Heidi R.

I am sure that I will watch this video countless times in my life to remember and relive this day and when I do, your gift of storytelling through video will make it tangible and bring a smile to my face (and a tear to my eye).

Aric D.

You have done outstanding work -- much of which was to support this community. I can definitely speak to how much I've appreciated the work you did for us and your professional approach. 

Brian Karsten

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