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Lunar Craters

Isaac Schultz

Founder    .    Writer    .    Director

I started Insomnia Films in 2021. In the early stages, I filmed weddings and commercials for local companies in my hometown, Grand Rapids, Michigan. After a year, I started working with a production company called Gorilla. It's here that I progressed from videography to filmmaking.

Today, I focus on directing projects with production crews. Music videos and commercials sustain me, but my real passion lies in narrative filmmaking. I have written and directed two short films that have played in festivals across the nation, winning awards along the way.

As of 2024, I now reside in Atlanta, Georgia, where I continue to work in the film industry as a director and assistant director. I have a lot in store and I couldn't be more eager to leave my mark on the world!

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Director – The Invitation – Corewell Healthcare

Director/Producer – LLB – BHM Pezzy

Director/Producer – No Calls – BHM Pezzy

Director – See Around It – Cam16k

Director/Producer – The Boy and The Galaxy – Short Film

2nd Assistant Director – You Can In Michigan – MEDC

Director/Producer – Shotgun Wedding – Pretty Jane Band

Director – You Are What You Eat – Mindset Meals

2nd Assistant Director – An Autumn Summer – Feature Film

Director/Producer – In Decision – Short Film

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